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We offer different types of massages to suit a variety of budgets and time. Our most popular services are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on current promotions and custom options.

1)  A.  30  Minutes-------------------------------------------$19.99*
          Head & Arms (10 mins)  Foot  (20 mins)   
2)  B.  45  Minutes-------------------------------------------$24.99*
          Head & Arms (15 mins)  Foot  (30 mins)
3)  C.  60  Minutes-------------------------------------------$29.99*
          Head & Arms (10 mins)  Foot  (40 mins) Shoulder & Back (10 mins)
4)  D.  70  Minutes-------------------------------------------$34.99*
          Head & Arms (15 mins)  Foot  (40 mins) Shoulder & Back (15mins)
5)  E.  90  Minutes-------------------------------------------$44.99*
          Head & Arms (15 mins)  Foot  (60mins) Shoulder & Back (15 mins)
6)  F.   60  Minutes Four Hands Foot Massage-------$59.99*
Foot Massage Includes                              
1. Massage on your head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands while soaping and 
      softing your feet in hot water with oriental herbs. 
2. Massage on your feet with oil and hot stones.
3. Massage on your neck, shoulders, back and legs at the end.


1). 30-Min    Body Massage                                     $29.99*
includes 30 minutes massage on back.
2). 60-Min    Full Body Massage                              $49.99*
Includes 45 minutes back massage with hot oil and 15 minutes massage on frontside, arms and legs.
3). 90-Min    Full Body Massage                              $69.99*
4). 120-Min  Full Body Massage                              $89.99* 

            Special combinations will let you 
                    Save more and  Enjoy more!

30-Min Foot & 30-Min Body Massage      $39.99*

60-Min Foot & 30-Min Body Massage      $59.99*                                                          
30-Min Foot & 60-Min Body Massage      $69.99*

30-Min Foot & 90-Min Body Massage      $89.99*  

                          We also offer 
                      (involves two therapists working simultaneously)

4 Hands Reflexology  Foot Massage      $59.99*

4 Hands Body Massage                           $79.99*

*Gratuity is not included. Please tip your therapist for their outstanding service!

We are offering reflexology massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish with a combination with hot stone. 
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